April 2017

Cover Story
Fur, Claw, Wing & Hope
With this year marking the 30th anniversary of the California condor disappearance from the wild—followed by steady and painstaking work to reintroduce the animal and help it in the wild, we look at the work being done locally to help with the condor and other species.


April 2017 Cover



We share some of our favorite backyards and landscapes from various homes we have visited throughout the region.

matters of taste
One of the great institutions among restaurants in the Flagstaff area is Horseman’s Lodge, a north-of-town eatery that focuses on steaks. We meet with the crew (horses included) to learn about what makes a good cut.

by the bottle
Our resident beer expert offers up a sudsy lineup of beers that are great and also environmentally friendly.

The Arts
Artist Robert Zappanti brings his colorful and distinctive style to the animal world in various paintings, murals and even public art displays.

As the weather warms, we look at ways to get into trail and outdoor running, with some tips from the locals and organizations to join.

Within only a short distance of the city limits, the Sandys Canyon Trail offers a chance to walk among old-growth ponderosas and bask in exposed cliffs and the chance to encounter many animals.


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