November/December 2015

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Sitting Down to Dinner
Flagstaff photographer Jamelle Kelly has taken on a project that focuses on families sitting down together for dinner.

In Range

In Range
The Return of the Land
It was 40 years ago this year that the Havasupai Tribe won a major victory that returned their plateau lands and reversed the strong National Park Service push to claim their land. Flagstaff author Stephen Hirst was a part of the movement and reflects on the events.


November/December Cover



Lisa Rayner has become well known for her book on gardening at altitude in the Southwest, but also embraces canning preserves and bread-baking with locally sourced ingredients. We meet with her to learn about these two great traditions.

bottle & spirits
Navigating the holidays with wine choices can be a challenge, but our wine expert offers some advice for sparkling wines to enliven the season.

We offer some of our favorite art or artisan gifts from Flagstaff creators to consider for this holiday season and get a few tips from local art gallery owners on picking the perfect artistic creation as a gift.

On the Map
The most popular trail in the Grand Canyon is also a contemplative, reflective hike during the off-season.

Elk are the largest wild mammals of northern Arizona and their late fall and winter movements off a chance of great encounters with these amazing beasts.

When the winter doldrums hit, it’s often easy to have exercise fall to the wayside. While more trips to the gym might be in order, there also is a growing movement for people to get exercise through dance classes.

A local couple decided to join the movement to build and live in what is known as a tiny house, a residence that is exceptionally small but still has all the necessities and comforts of home.

We look at the trend of up-cylcing or repurposing furniture or other wares for other uses. The imagination behind some of these makes them exciting to explore.


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