May/june 2016

Cover Story
Real Estate Refined
Every two to three years, we look back at some of our favorite homes that we’ve toured and featured for Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living. We give a sharp eye to our favorites and revisit homeowners and builders of the fabled properties.

In Range

In Range
The Deep Backcountry
The Grand Canyon always calls us back for more. But how many of us have truly experienced all of its corners and facets? Photographer Kristen M. Caldon takes us deeper into the backcountry to see both the hidden and sweeping beauty of the place.


May/june Cover



FLG Terroir, formerly The Wine Loft, has reinvented itself not just as a place for great wine, but also great food to go with that wine. We check out the new menu and learn a little more about the growing trend of noshing.

by the Bottle
Our resident wine expert shares insight into the way wine glasses play a role in the experience.

One of the artists making waves in Flagstaff is Sumer Kahn, who is creating wild, large scale works to challenge space and push on the limitations that sometimes frame art.

On the Map
Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park shines as one of those hidden state gems. Tucked away near the Superstition Mountains, the park is the legacy of one man and his stunning homestead that became a place to celebrate the wonders of botany.

Décor & More
We take a look at some ideas for upping the ante for barbecue and outdoor entertaining ahead of the summer season.

We talk to local nutritionists and health experts about the growing trend of detoxing the body through cleanses and fasting. However, the body itself has a natural detoxification process it handles through its liver and vacating wastes. How necessary are such detox regimes and what do they accomplish?

A Continental home gets a major upgrade, with an idea toward modern sensibility and a little flair.


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