March/April 2015

Cover Story
Women Artists in Ascent
In the last year, we have watched as some talented women artists have added their name to the long list of great Flagstaff Female creatives who are doing exemplary work. We are excited to see the level of work they’re bringing to the scene.

Photo by Ralph Schmid

In Range
Riding the Ephemeral
The Little Colorado River does not always get the same recognition as the Mighty Colorado that flows through the Grand Canyon. But one author-adventurer took on the tributary river in its high flow and shared his story.


March/April Cover



As we move from winter to spring, it’s often a great time to view wildlife in action. The thaw ends the hibernating season and the animals on the hoof and on the wing are often on the move. We share some favorite shots from our staff photographers..

The Dish
The Italian restaurant downtown that is turning heads is Il Rosso, a small pizzeria with big taste and big heart that’s bringing a traditional Italy flair to the local restaurant scene with signature dishes and styles.

In recent years, Rhône variety of wines has expanded its range. Our wine expert shares some of his favorite bottles he’s recently tasted.

Flagstaff artist Debra Edgerton has her first local exhibit in several years when she brings her scroll art to the Museum of Northern Arizona. Edgerton’s interest in culture, heritage and storytelling drives her work. She is joined by Hopi artist David Dawangyumptewa, whose rare journey as an artist influences his work.

Sedona has a number of box canyon hikes that offer there only kind of experience and beauty in Red Rock Country.

With great hikes of a volcanic nature always around the next ponderosa tree, we look at some great examples of basalt and how to read somewhat into how the rocks were formed during the lava-flowing events.

With spring season meaning outdoor adventure and back to active fun, we talk to some local experts about ways to improve and promote back health, how to deal with setbacks and ways to stay out of spinal trouble.

We travel out a little ways west to Parks to check out a home on Government Prairie that recently had a serious upgrade: adding a top-notch studio adjacent to the residence. We meet with the owner and builder to learn about this stunning artist’s retreat.

More often, people are finding the need to establish a home office. Instead of a half-baked space in a cluttered guest room or turning the kitchen table into a clutter-fest, we offer a few ideas on creating a home office space.


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