March/April 2016

Cover Story
Women Going Epic
We profile four Flagstaff women who are taking on four big avenues of adventure: trail running, rock climbing, mountain biking and river-running. We feature them in images and words to celebrate the outdoor adventure women who populate our mountain town.

In Range

In Range
Suds on the Rise
In the past decade, Flagstaff has grown by leaps and bounds in its craft beer creation. Once limited to a few key brewers, the town is now brimming with all kinds of brewmasters who are taking their offerings to new and exciting levels. A local beer lover walks us through the evolution.


March/April Cover



The simple wonder of a good sandwich has long been in play, but these days local foodies want more from whatever is served between two pieces of bread. One local café that is raising the bar for sandwiches is the Toasted Owl, which reopened on the Southside..

by the Bottle
As we move into the early days of spring, our wine expert offers up some great wines to consider for the foray into the warmer-weather days.

Suzanne Stebilla, one of the nominees for this year’s Emerging Artist at the Viola Awards, has gained a strong following with her evocative and captivating portraiture. We meet with her and discuss her continued growth and evolution as an artist.

On the Map
At about a five-hour drive, Joshua Tree National Park is just close enough to Flagstaff to turn into an awesome weekend or extended weekend adventure. With spring break time here, we look at this magical desert retreat that offers a nice fling and a chance to bask in the beauty of the Mojave.

One of the great wildlife sights of the Southwest is that of a pronghorn antelope on the plain. The pronghorn are the fastest land animals in North America, and a fascinating creature that once roamed the landscape in big numbers

The concept of prenatal care, once related to pre-birth doctor’s visits, has moved into a multitude of exercise, nutrition and in-depth education programs. We take a look at the many new options on the scene.

Mountainaire has been a community on the rise for the last decade or so, with improved roads, remodeled homes and friendly faces. Among the new projects at Mountainaire is an interesting twin home project that uses a variety of energy-efficient technologies.


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