January/February 2016

Cover Story
Getting Reel
The Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival has moved to February, and will join Sedona International Film Festival in the same month to celebrate cinema. So, it’s becoming movie time in northern Arizona. It’s a great chance to connect to local filmmakers and their projects.

In Range

In Range
Making Tracks
With El Niño on the forecast front and the Flagstaff Nordic Center under new ownership, we look at the wonder of cross-country skiing in northern Arizona, where the high country has long beckoned backcountry skiers looking for quiet and sublime escape.


January/February Cover



Sometimes it seems like in the chain-restaurant, fast-food world, there are ingredients on top of ingredients, all kinds of additives and preservatives. Meanwhile, local and high end restaurants are moving in the opposite direction—keeping it simple and using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. Tourist Home Urban Market is a prime example of this.

bottle & spirits
With this season bringing both cold days and the call for romance on Valentine’s Day, our wine expert offers some great hedonistic wines that pair well with both.

Fused-glass artist Sondra Francis continues to be a constant presence in Flagstaff. She has carved out a place for herself by creating both pieces that are whimsical and playful, as well as practical, along with stunning conceptual and fine-art work.

On the Map
Monument Valley proves a stunning place to visit in the winter, where the shadows of the buttes, spires and mesas cast longer shadows and the relative quiet of the off-season brings special moments among the most famous of red rocks.

In the winter, Flagstaff and elevations lower and in the vicinity feature waterfowl who spend their winters in our region. Flagstaff nature lover and photographer Donal Hill shares his thoughts and images.

With a New Year on tap and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we talk to a local counselor about ways to improve romantic relationships. We look at some tips and tricks to hit that romantic reset button.

The new sustainable home in the Foxglenn neighborhood mixes all the of the best of sustainable building practices into one magnificent package.

Alright, it’s a new year and a new chance to take a look at how the home is set up and organized. We take a look at some tips and tricks to help keep it all in order.


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